While Studies suggest that one of the main reasons for unemployment in India is lack of Skills and a lot of government schemes are aligned in order to close the gap, still the statistics are not quite impressive.​

Number of youth have undergone Skill Training

Active job seekers

Number of unemployed youth

Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).


With the primary objective of touching lives and enabling individuals to have a sustainable livelihood, Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers has a special wing that helps corporates utilize their Corporate Social Responsibility funds in the right way by customizing projects for them. We believe in maximizing the impact thus, look into end-to-end process of the skilling cycle. Both the corporate donor and the beneficiary are important stakeholders to us. We identify and understand social needs and relevant opportunities to work in inclusive development.

RAGC has collaborated with many corporates, as part of their CSR initiatives, to design and implement new interventions on the ground in areas such as skilling, entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

RAGC brings strong technical expertise in specific trades of skilling such as Construction, Hospitality, Electrical, and Automobile. We design projects that resonates with the client’s vision and mission.

While we at RAGC help the companies achieve their CSR goals and better their brand recognition, on the other hand through these projects we are able to attain our objective of reaching out to the underprivileged and contribute to their socio-economic upliftment.


Project Categories

Training Persons with disabilities for better Employability. 

Objective: The core objective of the project is to empower persons with disabilities by equipping them with employment worthy skills. 

Project Funding Body: J.K Investors (Bombay) Ltd – Raymond Group Company 

Beneficiary Numbers: 60

About the Project: The project is a CSR initiative of J.K Investors (Bombay) – Raymond Group Company wherein 60 Persons with Disabilities will be trained for 45 days. The project aims to house the project beneficiaries, train them and place them at a sensitized workplace thereby taking a step towards an inclusive society. The skill training has been customized to suit their learning abilities.

Training Homestay Owners in Sindhudurg.

Objective: To promote entrepreneurship and tourism by providing capacity enhancement training to homestays, developing homestay ecosystem in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg region.  

Project Funding Body: YES Bank 

Beneficiary Numbers: 250 

About the Project: 
Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with YES Bank Limited under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to provide potential source of livelihood to locals of Sindhudurg by imparting capacity enhancement training. 
This training will help:
1) Promote tourism in Sindhudurg
2) Will give source of income to people who want to open their homes for Homestay
3) Better rates for the Homestays
The core objective of the training is to uplift the current hospitality industry of Sindhudurg by bettering the quality aspect of it!

Considering the Skilling Gap of India, it has become mandatory for schools to deliver vocational module in curriculum. Vocational module cannot be delivered in academic manner with written exams and menial practical’s. RAGC with its over 11 years of experience in delivering vocational education recommend a global practice adopted by Swiss government school.

This program has been designed for Government schools. The model consists of 3-tier screening and use of Virtual Reality as well as other innovative methods of delivery. Thereby opening doors for NAPS post 10th and smooth transition of students to vocational programmes. 

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Coming soon

Pool Funding


A market linked skilling initiative – Training Youth as Multi Skilled Technician

The core objective of the proposal is to train underprivileged youth as Multi- Skilled Technician and place them in the relevant industry. At any facility there has always been a demand of people who can take care of the Operations, Repair and maintenance to ensure that every equipment and the facility as a whole is working at all times. Taking a very simple example in a commercial building there is a need that all the electrical equipment for example tube lights, air conditioners should be in working condition at all times, the plumbing should be in place, the walls should be fixed if and when required and proper and the hospitality services should be smooth. Though there are different people for different things, we under this training are trying to create that one person who will be able to fix/ take care of all this.

Multi Skilled Technician as a training is inter-disciplinary to ensure efficiency of the built environment. The course will help build the sponsees competencies in the fields of electrical, mechanical, and electronic systems and equip the learner with personality traits to become a successful facility maintenance supervisor. Course highlight of the training is Expert lectures from Industry experts and a certificate from the Sector Skill Council that will be a recognition of training and assessment under a certified body.

TARGET GROUP: Underprivileged / Unemployed Youth
THEMATIC AREAS: Skill Development, Providing Livelihood, Placement linked Vocational Training

GOALS: To provide placement linked skill training to youth from disadvantaged section of the society.
1. Pool of workforce with practical knowledge of Operation, Repair and maintenance of facilities.
2. Training as per market demand
3. Reduction in unemployment among youth
4. Sustainable livelihood

The idea of corporate philanthropy is not too recent while there has always been a case of it being taken as charity. The proverb “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” is the heart of difference between charity and philanthropy. While the roots of charity are often religious or moral in nature, philanthropy is based on broader humanitarian principles. 

In the era of globalisation, Philanthropy has also evolved in its own way as it is no longer understood as simple charity. Philanthropy now aims at capacity building of the target group. Current philanthropic initiatives are in alignment with current social realities and aim to attack social problems at its root level. The professional approach to solving complicated issues, the use of metrics, and strategic decision-making has transformed philanthropy from mere monetary giving to targeted goal-oriented support to worthy causes.

Now the question arises that when this mechanism is so perfect then where is the visibility and why is the scale of impact so miniscule? The answer to which is lack of comprehensive approach to the problem and duplication of the beneficiary. 

Pool funding is the solution for it as it can improve efficiencies, limit duplication of efforts amongst donors, lower transaction costs with economies of scale, and ensure better risk management if governed well. In here we are trying to mimic the ‘Managed Fund’ model where a community of donors come together for a common cause and common set of outcomes.

Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers (RAGC) is a Project Implementing Agency with proven capabilities to cater end-to-end project processes- from mobilization, developing content, imparting quality skill training, coordinating for assessments and placements within relevant industry. In order to ensure smooth functioning and maintain quality of the projects, RAGC has strong Marketing, Operations and Academic team.

We have created profiles of a few hundred youth from the disadvantaged section of the society who are willing to undergo skilling program to ensure income opportunity for a stable livelihood option. Below is the project synopsis giving an overview of the program and the need. RAGC would urge as many of the private / individual donors to come forward and sponsor candidates for this program and give them a chance to undergo this training thereby giving them a means of sustainable livelihood and a career option. 


Per candidate actual cost of the training is INR 60,000/- (Sixty thousand).

For sponsorship the training fee that the sponsor has to pay per candidate is INR 33,000/- (Thirty-three thousand only) plus GST while the gap funding will be done by Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers.

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