Why Internship matter?

Current scenario:

You need experience for any job. Also, you need a job for any experience, to begin with.
Statistics show, only 7% of total engineers are employable out of 1.5 million engineers passing out every year from various technology institutes. Why? The major reason for this is the higher supply and lesser demand for engineers in the present scenario.

How can any employer differentiate between 2 candidates?
If one has relevant work experience. The candidate with a relevant work experience who has gone through practical learning definitely has an edge over the non-experienced ones as the and the employer will not have to train the person all over again and the work begins right from the first day.

How can any graduate break this barrier of work experience and practical learning?INTERNSHIPS! It the best form of learning for us, as it gives the platform to the students to apply the theoretical learning in practical life. Interns are always welcome as the main focus for them is to gain job experience and the duration of work is short. The students have a major takeaway from these internships and that is Work experience.

How can students apply for Internships?
There are many online portals like Internshala, LetsIntern… students can also apply through Training and placement cells of their respective college. For any regular college, the student can intern during their semester break which goes for as long as 1-2 months. Let us put it this way, if a student undergoes internship for two months every year in a 3-year degree programme, he would have a work experience of 6 months by the time he passes out.

But have you heard of work experience of 2 years and a salary of Rs 5K per month as a minimum stipend in a degree of 3 years? This is the scenario if you pursue Alpha-Degree programme. 

What’s an alpha-Degree?
It is the concept of degree usually worked upon in Germany but is now offered in institutes in India like “Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers”. Here students attend college for the first 6 months. and then they receive an internship for the next 6 months. Every week, they intern for 4 days, attend college for 2 days and complete assignments for 1 day/ take weekly off. Students who are 18 years and above get ₹5000 per month, that amounts to Rs 60,000 per annum. Some students even manage to bag an internship up to ₹14,500 per month. These students get absorbed within the company during their internship period itself.

Alpha-Degree is one of the reasons why RAGC has been awarded “India’s No. 1 Vocational education and Training Institute.” The college offers not only national but also an international degree and a diploma in automobile engineering, construction engineering, electrical engineering, hotel management & Business management.

To know more about the program, you can download the brochure: