Vocational vs Academic program


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A recent survey by ASSOCHAM on employability has said that 97% of the graduating students in


There has been always a debate between Vocational and academic studies. It’s not just a way of studies, but a career path. Both are for different types of students. Both develop employees with a different frame of mind. There is a stack of differences in the Vocational and Academic study. Let’s discuss one by one.


First of all, Academic Study includes a mixed bag of subjects whereas Vocational aimed at one subject.

Academic: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Vocational: Master of One trade, Jack of Few.

Let’s take an example of a Civil Engineer. 80% jobs in Civil Engineering are in execution (Construction). But, to be a Civil Engineer, one has to study every subject of Civil Engineering like Strength of Material, Engineering Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Construction Management etc. After completing engineering, Civil engineers need at least 6 months to get a thorough experience of Site supervision(Construction). Here, the vocational student, who has been doing practically on the field throughout his education is employable from day one.  


Second, assessment system. Academic Study includes “Exams” which comes at the end of the course. You need to take classes whole semester and complete the given assignment and then give your exam at the end of the semester. Here, you can repose during the course and take a final test at the end of the course by burning the midnight oil.  On the other side, Vocational includes continuous assessment. The vocational subject is more of a practical application rather than just theory. You need at least 75% skill sets to pass the examination. This gives candidate learn more of a practical approach.


Nevertheless, now let’s talk about further studies. Vocational Students are well respected by the universities. Universities do offer them full-time degree course. This is because vocational students have gained more knowledge and have a better experience as far as the practicality of the learning is concerned.


Vocational education and Academic education, both have their pros and cons. For example, Academic Education should be preferred if the person wants to go for research in that particular field. In India, less than a percent of graduates apply for Ph.D. In Engineering Field like Civil engineering and Electrical Engineering, graduates end up doing Field job. Vocational students are the first choice of the employer for any field job as they have practical experience. Again, here too, Vocational students have an upper hand in getting jobs.


So why does everyone want to go for Academic Study? Because of unawareness of vocational study. There’s also a common perception that Vocational Study is only for the students who are not good at Academic.


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