How to remain stress-free and prepare for exam

Examination times are around the corner and whether you are studying in a school or in a college, preliminary, terms and semester examinations are hovering on your head. It’s that time of the year when a student’s knowledge and year-round preparation is put to test.
The amount of anxiety and stress in students has become a common scenario due to rising competitive spirits and run for chasing the coveted aims.
However, there are a few ways, a student can come over the exam stress and prepare well to succeed.

Here are a few tips to tide over the pressure that examinations bring:

1) Start preparing a way before the exams:

A good way to deal with the last minute anxiety during exams is to start preparing the way before the time. As the year or semester starts, it’s a good idea to divide your syllabus accordingly so as to have ample time to prepare and finish it. This practice will allow you a decent revision time before the exams.

2) Make a timetable:

Prepare a timetable for yourself at the beginning of the term. Give equal amount of time to different subjects so that you are on pace with the syllabus as the term goes on. You can dedicate more time to difficult subjects or your areas of concern.

3) Take breaks:

When studying, take breaks in between to refresh yourself. You can take a walk around the house, drink water, talk to your buddies, have a look at your social media profiles and come back to resume from where you paused. But, remember, don’t get carried away during the breaks; stick to a definite time limit. If you study for an hour, take 15 minutes break and get back, else you may waste time and lose the link.

4)Set targets:

Set daily or weekly targets for your subjects and try to stick to those.

5) Eat healthily:

Remember to eat healthily. Sometimes stress and anxiety lead to loss of appetite or excess of it; both are unhealthy. Eat well to maintain a balance in your diet so that you can think well.

6) Have a study companion:

You can have a buddy to share your timetable and subjects. Discuss with your study buddy on how they are going about with different subjects. You can also help each other in explaining certain topics.

7)Be open to your teacher:

If you have a difficulty feel free to reach your teacher or any guide who can clarify your doubts.

8)Focus on concepts:

Instead of mugging, focus on understanding the concepts well. It will help you in the long run.

9)Get plenty of sleep:

Do not stay awake in the nights. Allow yourself a decent amount of sleep before your exams, so as to concentrate well. Sleep deprivation can lead to loss of memory.

10)Don’t be too hard on yourself:

In the end, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember we have all been there and done that. While doing well in exams is important, taking on exams with a healthy mindset is more important for your life. If your mind is stress-free, you have endless possibilities in front of you.


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