IBM SkillsBuild

SkillsBuild is a free access digital learning platform through RAGC that focuses on industry relevant skill development in students and jobseekers. On successful completion of certain learning-activities, the students can earn IBM certified badges that can be uploaded directly on LinkedIn or stated on the CV. It consists of learning-activities from Coursera, Code Door, Udemy, Skillsoft, Google, IBM Skills Academy, and many which can be accessed for free once you register on the platform through us.

Almost all the courses are non-linear and are self-paced learning, meaning that you can access almost any level, any course and piece of content that you want. On completion of course, IBM SkillsBuild will award you with a badge allowing you to build your personal Brand. IBM SkillsBuild also allows you to showcase your skills/learnings by displaying these badges on social media sites.

We have partnered with IBM for Digital Learning SkillsBuild Platform. We are offering access to this platform on enrolment to our partners as a way of empowering them to reskill or upskill their learners and prepare them with a pedigree to develop real skills and domain expertise.


  • A Digital Learning Platform with a Focus on Relevant Education and skills.
  •  Explore new possible Career skills.
  • Receive learning recommendation for todays in demand technology skills.
  • Choose the leaning that is right for you.
  • Practice new skills.
  • Earn Digital Badges to demonstrate your accomplishments.
  • Work on your learning anywhere with content optimised for mobile devices.
  • IBM wants to shift mindsets in the IT industry and make tech more diverse and inclusive.
  • SkillsBuild wants to go beyond qualification and pedigree to develop real skills.
  • The platform is primarily targeted at students with domain knowledge to become blended digital professionals who can learn about soft skills and business skills before graduation.
  • SkillsBuild is part of the larger initiative by IBM to equip people with digital skills and domain skills through multiple channels such as IBM Skill Gateway Coursera, IBM Skills Academy, IBM Apprenticeship, and IBM Veteran Programs.
  • SkillsBuild also provides experience enhancing real-time project assistantship to help practice the skills developed through the platform.
  • SkillsBuild is akin to honeybees that bring nectar from many different flowers to produce honey.
  • Instead of competing with mammoth online skill platforms like Coursera, Skillsoft, Udemy and CodeDoor, it leverages them to provide learning-activities in many different topics.
  • All learning-activities on SkillsBuild are Industry relevant and focus on digital skills that will give students a competitive advantage from employment perspective.
  • The Badge system is unique and, unlike certification, is easy to relate to and looks attractive on a LinkedIn profile.
  • It also offers personalized recommendation and coaching to advance in career.
  • Badges are like certification and are a way to show your credentials and experience.
  • These are industry specific and will be recommended to you based on your chosen area, employment role, interest, and assessment.
  • These can be a part of your Resume, CV or LinkedIn page.
  • There are a set number of learning-activities or channels to be completed along with the review or exercises to earn a badge.
  • It could take a few hours to a few weeks to earn a single badge depending on which course you choose and what experiences and learnings it encompasses.