5 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Phone away While Studying

One of the challenges during examination time is to curb the distractions, especially, the distractions caused by mobile phones. With the increase in social media engagements of students, it is hard to keep away from notifications that keep popping every now and then. Whether a Facebook ‘Like’ or a Whatsapp message or a friend request, there are a number of things that we receive on our phones regularly, but during exams, it is necessary to stay away from such interruptions.

If one is serious about exam there is always a need to tame and control mind from being distracted by external factors, because exams are testimony and determiners for academic records and credentials. Students, thus, have to plan their study hours with least distractions.

Here are some of the ways to try curbing such distractions:

1) Fix Social Media Time:

Fix a particular time in a day that you would use completely for your social media engagements. Half an hour, twice a day, without getting carried away, can be used to check your notifications and keep up with the worldly affairs during your exams.
2) Keep your phone on silent:

During exam days, put your phone to silent mode so that frequent notification pings do not disturb the link that you have formed while studying.

3) Use the phone in breaks:

Allow yourself mobile time during the short breaks you take while studying. If you have studied for two hours, give yourself a breathing break of 15 minutes. You can check your phone, take a walk around and return to resume your studies.

4) Switch off your mobile data:

Another way to prevent mobile distraction is to switch off your mobile data while studying. It can keep the unwanted notifications at bay while you are preparing for your exams.

5) Keep your phone away:

You can also feel distracted or can have an urge to check your phone frequently if it’s in your sight. To prevent that, you can place the phone out of your sight in another room or on your cupboard shelf, etc.

However, there are students who use mobile phones for study purposes as well. Hence, till the point one uses mobile for constructive purposes, it is well and good, but if you think it’s causing undue distraction and impacting your exam preparations, it’s better to use one of the above ways to stay away from disturbances.